Blog #5 – Being the best


IMG_1246 copy

Having a good fact sheet and a good flier is essential, because it helps to ‘seal the deal’. It helps people understand what you are about, or understand what message you you are trying to deliver.

I believe to have a good fact sheet one has to remember not to forget about the basics.

  • It has to be professional : do not make your fact sheet look like no effort went into making it. It has to look neat, the format has to be correct, and always remember to proofread and make sure the wording is correct and the spelling is right. There’s nothing worse than wrong spelling in my opinion.
  • It has to be concise : Do not go beating around the bush to explain something. Be concise and straightforward. Make sure it is easy to understand and digest.
  • Be honest, don’t exaggerate : Be honest when describing and do not go over the top and exaggerate about your accomplishments or skills. You might end up giving expectations that are too high and under-delivering, making you look bad.

As for creating a successful promotional flier, one has to remember not to neglect the basics too.

  •  it’s a FLIER : Make it simple & short, its not a brochure where it is informational and requires a lot of reading. Preferably one or two pages.
  • Make it appealing to the eye : don’t just throw in lines and lines of words, use pictures to capture the attention of the reader. People usually have more of a photographic memory & will remember the flier and its contents.
  • Play with the wording : Play with the words, come up with creative captions, make the wording interesting. People will be more interested and give the flier a little more attention.


I believe with these simple tips will help create a great fact sheet or flier. If it doesn’t, don’t stop trying!



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