Blog #9 – Extra Time

If I had an extra day I definitely hope it wouldn’t be an extra Monday! XD

But firstly lets start with if I had an extra two hours in my day. I probably would use that time to catch up on some extra sleep! I’m a late sleeper, so extra sleep would be pretty crucial to me.

If I had an extra four hours, I would probably head over the supermarket, get myself a bag of coffee beans, and a big carton of milk, and head home and just have fun with my espresso machine! During my summer break I went to Malaysia, and I worked as a barista at a shop that sold specialty coffee, and I fell in love with doing coffee art. So after I came back here, I got myself a half decent espresso machine for my birthday, and I’ve been trying to do some coffee art. I’m still trying to get the hang of this machine, especially the extraction time of the coffee grinds and the steaming of the milk.

My attempt at Latte art, not really good, but still improving!
My attempt at Latte art, not really good, but still improving!


Now if I had a whole day of extra time, firstly I would hope that it was on a weekend so I could get the most out of it! But anyway if I had an extra day I would use it to travel to places I’ve never been. Maybe Highway 1 by the coast, travel brochures all around the world showcase that about California. or maybe Carmel, the small town by the ocean, or the Big Sur, or Kings Canyon or trek the Yosemite on a day trip. It would be AMAZING! Or I could just spend the day walking around with my camera, taking pictures and enjoying capturing the moment.

Extra time under favorable circumstances is what everybody wants I believe. Theres been so many moments in my life where I wish time would have stopped, or would have gone slower. But alas theres only so many moments we can rejoice, so I say enjoy every moment you have, life is pretty darn unpredictable.


Blog #8 – 50 things that make me go insanely happy.


I’m an easy guy to please, seriously, you could give me anything, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and I would be happy. Anyway here’s countdown of 50 things I could think of 🙂

50.  Eating a packet of my favorite instant ramen from Malaysia

49. Knowing I have extra money at the end of the month

48. Finding that perfect position when sleeping

47. Smelling some really good coffee

46. Traveling to new places

45. Tasting new flavors of ice cream

44. Watching a really good movie

43. Eating a really good steak (Ruth Chris)

42. Going somewhere no one usually goes

41. Sipping on some good quality espresso

40. Drinking some really good cappuccino

39. Traveling to go see my girlfriend

38. Being able to sleep in

37. Smelling good even after an intense gym session

36. If my girlfriend surprised my at my home right now

35. If my girlfriend surprised me at my home right now with a bag of good coffee beans

34. Owning a pair of really good running shoes

33. Visiting any National Park

32. Getting a really good sunset shot of someone

31. Going to a Coldplay concert

30. Traveling to Belgium for Tomorrowland

29. Traveling to Europe

28. Attending a huge rave

27. Being able to DJ for a event

26. Getting a new coffee machine, the one’s shops have

25. Winning the lottery

24. Skydiving by myself

23. Jumping off a cliff into the sea

22. My girlfriends smile

21. Knowing I made my girlfriend happy

20. Cooking a really good meal

19. Seeing my kitchen sparkly clean

18. Going surfing

17. Having a good bicycle ride

16. Riding my bicycle downhill at an isolated road

15.Eating some really good Japanese Konyaku Jelly

14. Traveling to Japan again

13. Traveling the world with my loved ones

12. Traveling alone

11. Experiencing coming to America alone once again.

10. Reading a really really good meme on 9gag

9. Being able to do some really good latte art

8. A glass of stout straight from the tap

7. Playing with a dog

6. Seeing my mother smile

5. Going on a really good roller coaster ride

4. When my hair finally decides to go the way I want it to go

3. Knowing I helped someone in need

2. My Girlfriend

1. Seeing my family happy

Blog #7 – Social Media


I remember why I joined Facebook. At first I resented the idea, I was a young hipster and didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing. But one day in 2009 at about 6:50 a.m. I heard from a friend while I was  on the way to school, that my secret crush was on Facebook. That evening later I immediately joined Facebook.

Nowadays I mainly use social media platforms such as Facebook as a portal to communicate with my family and friends far away. I use it to see what’s going on in their lives, and also to catch up on the news. I guess I never really understood the convenience and the usefulness of social media until I was thousands of miles away from home.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I love it because I get to communicate and keep in touch with friends all around the world. I hate it because there is people on my friends list that is just plain ignorant, stupid or racist.

Maybe you’d ask why won’t I just unfriend these people or unfollow them? Well the answer is simple, these people with their ‘unique’ posts provide entertainment on my Social Media pages and in a way it makes me feel better about myself. You know when you’re down and sad, you look at them and comfort yourself “well at least I’m not like ’em” and then you feel happier about yourself.

I guess if I had to run a social media page, my biggest worry would be what contents should I post. I often find some posts of org’s to be lame and not interesting, and I’m afraid my posts will be like that too. I guess we can’t satisfy everyone, but If theres something I would like to work on, it’s how to make my social media posts more interesting.

Social media if used well, it could be a huge advantage to your cause. So use it wisely and carefully, because if you mess up, consequences could be painful to bear.

Blog #6 – Fall


i love Fall, I adore Fall, I just love everything about it.  The falling leaves, yellow red and brown. its just beautiful.

During times like these the National Parks are gonna be beautiful, while its still not too chilly to be trying to make your way through the snow, it’s still the right time to visiting the forests and enjoying the fresh air that is friendly towards the body.

But the best reason I would say to love fall would be because it’s that cool transition from the heat to the cool. Not that I don’t like Summer, I love it! but it is just that I come from a country that has 365 days of sickening Summer, and it’s just finally for a change i get to experience cool weather, warm enough for me to wear light clothes, cool enough for me to not overheat.

It also means that Christmas is around the corner!

I could have a million reasons to love Fall, I guess the only reason I could ever have to hate fall is that it couldn’t be longer.

Blog #5 – Being the best


IMG_1246 copy

Having a good fact sheet and a good flier is essential, because it helps to ‘seal the deal’. It helps people understand what you are about, or understand what message you you are trying to deliver.

I believe to have a good fact sheet one has to remember not to forget about the basics.

  • It has to be professional : do not make your fact sheet look like no effort went into making it. It has to look neat, the format has to be correct, and always remember to proofread and make sure the wording is correct and the spelling is right. There’s nothing worse than wrong spelling in my opinion.
  • It has to be concise : Do not go beating around the bush to explain something. Be concise and straightforward. Make sure it is easy to understand and digest.
  • Be honest, don’t exaggerate : Be honest when describing and do not go over the top and exaggerate about your accomplishments or skills. You might end up giving expectations that are too high and under-delivering, making you look bad.

As for creating a successful promotional flier, one has to remember not to neglect the basics too.

  •  it’s a FLIER : Make it simple & short, its not a brochure where it is informational and requires a lot of reading. Preferably one or two pages.
  • Make it appealing to the eye : don’t just throw in lines and lines of words, use pictures to capture the attention of the reader. People usually have more of a photographic memory & will remember the flier and its contents.
  • Play with the wording : Play with the words, come up with creative captions, make the wording interesting. People will be more interested and give the flier a little more attention.


I believe with these simple tips will help create a great fact sheet or flier. If it doesn’t, don’t stop trying!


Blog#4 – Lé Poém of Lé Couléur


From the caption above you can clearly see my French is bad,

In fact i’m so bad at it it makes me sad.

When I’m sad and down I’m always blue,

But hey blue’s my favorite color it’s true!


I’m a nature freak I like blue skies and blue seas,

It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed especially when I score C’s.

If my mom finds out about it her face will probably turn red.

When that happens it’s best if I run before any bloodshed.


Escape into the green woods I will and hide there for a while,

For I fear when hell breaks loose things will turn hostile.

But I can’t leave my mom forever her mood’s gonna turn blue.

So before that happens I better head home and say mom I love you.

Blog #3 – Le me being The Most Interesting Person In The World

photo1 (2)

Am I the most interesting person in the world? Am I even close??

Probably not, but hey understanding the problem is the first step to solving it! So I guess I am on the right track to be the most interesting person in the world.

Anyway there are a couple ways one can make their boring self or achievements seem interesting. One can overly boast about their achievements and make it seem awesome, or one can just lie and make up stories about themselves jumping out of exploding boats or buildings while saving 3 puppies, 2 kittens and an old lady at the same time.

Well I guess I could do try to do some stuff I stated above as an attempt to make myself seem interesting enough to be a candidate for the most interesting person in the world. I guess I can  over exaggerate my achievements.

There was once I jumped out of a plane at 13,000 ft with nothing on my back- except for my skydiving instructor and a parachute. I once travelled to five countries within a timeframe of less than 2 days- because the airline company messed up my flight schedule and I had to travel to more countries just to get home. I also Dj’d for a crowd of tens and thousands- microorganisms, in addition to the people of course.

Well anyway I believe everyone is amazingly unique, special, and interesting in their own way. Maybe some of us could use our experiences or the things that we’ve done to define us in a way, but that does not mean the rest of us are not destined for something even greater. If I really had to point interesting things about myself, it would be I love trees more than the average person would, I speak fluently in three languages, and could understand a couple more but can’t really converse well in them. At one point I owned 14 dogs in my house. I have relatives all over the world in almost every continent. I’ve had the privilege to visit lots of countries while growing up. And I got to fulfill my dream of studying abroad in America.

I believe theres much more to come in my life, more interesting things to do and more stories to tell. So do I think I am a worthy of being the most interesting person in the world? Maybe not now.

But definitely in the future 🙂