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Hello there! if you did not already know who i was, Hi my name is Marc Singh, and I aspire to be a professional in the field of Public Relations. Currently I am still learning the tools of the PR trade at California State University, Fresno and will be graduating in the not too distant future. A little bit more about myself, I am an International Student from Malaysia and I have been studying in Fresno for two years, prior to this I got all my education overseas. I speak write and speak fluently in English, Malay, and Mandarin. I am a very energetic person, I love the outdoors, I love meeting new people, and I love learning new ideas, concepts and ways of life. I believe life is a never ending journey of learning, and therefore I am eager to try things hands on and not afraid to fail.

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  • Writing Samples

For the Fall semester of 2014, I completed an array of different assignments for the class MCJ 158S. Down below is a list of my completed assignments.

  1. Fact sheet for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce November Mixer at the Downtown Club
    1. This was my first ever assignment, me and my writing partner Alan went through the details of the mixer, and we composed a Fact Sheet for the Chamber
      1. Fact sheet of The Downtown Club Mixer

  2. Promotional Flier for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce November Mixer at the Downtown Club
    1. Me and Alan worked on the facts for the flier, we wanted a flier that had a more modern approach to it. We worked with the colors of the Chamber’s logo and then finally created the end product.
      1. The Downtown Club Mixer Flier

  3. Social Media Audits & Recommendations for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
    1. Me and Alan took a look at the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce’s social media and we gave our opinions on possible improvements and changes. I focused on their Facebook efforts whereas Alan focused on their Twitter page.
      1. Social Media Audit

  4. Recommended Social Media Content for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
    1. Alan and I came up with 30 posts ideas for the Chamber and compiled into a list. These content ideas were meant to be evergreen, meaning they were made to be flexible, and to be used at anytime of the year.
      1. Facebook Posts Ideas for Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce

  5. News Release for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce November Mixer at the Downtown Club
    1. Alan and I were assigned to write different news releases, even so we helped each other out, and provided ideas for each other. I did a news release for the Chamber’s mixer and listed out the highlights of the event.
      1. The Downtown Club Mixer News Release

  6. Website Audit & Recommendations for the the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce Website
    1. We took a look at the website of the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce and gave some recommendations to improve the website.
      1. Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce Website Audit& Recommendation

  7. Radio PSA for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
    1. Radio is a great way to spread information, but the right words are needed to do so. I crafted this PSA in hope of achieving that, and telling people what the Chamber is about.
      1. Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce Informative PSA

  8. Promotional Video for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
    1. We created this video in a word animation format because we wanted to try something new, and hopefully being a more modern and fresh taste to the video, and make it more appealing to the general crowd. the video has a catchy tune with many colorful word animations

  9. News Release for the the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce 2015 Installation Dinner
    1. The Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce will be holding its annual installation dinner. with over 100 years of history, I included facts like this into the news release to add interest and have the wow factor
      1. 2015 Installation Dinner News Release

  10. Summary of my 2014 Fall MCJ 158S Coursework
    1. Brief summary of my course work of this semester, I included the highlights
      1. Summary of the semester with the Chamber

  11. Summary of Powerpoint for the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce
    1. We did a powerpoint of our highlights with the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce this semester. we worked with pictures, graphics and colors in attempt to bring a more modern feel to our presentation.
      1. PR Presentation

Blog #25 – All I want for Christmas is…

I don’t even know how to start my list, mainly because it will never end, there is just so many things i want and  would love to have.

for the gift that wouldn’t cost a thing, I guess an A for my class? haha well I would also love a nice warm hug, that would just make my day 🙂

For the gift below $10, I guess I would love a nice pint of beer, cant beat that 😉

for the gift below $500, I would love a pool table in my place, its just so cool, saw one over the thanksgiving weekend for $200 at Sears and couldn’t get my mind off it

for the unlimited range one, I would love a car, yeah a car, a real car not a toy one. I would love a hybrid though, would save me gas and I could drive to the Sierras whenever i want to.

But i’m not a greedy man, I guess I would just love to see my family again, i saw then last in June, and i don’t know when i’ll see them in person again.

Blog #24 – Worst Story Ever Written

Whats the worst story ever written, I mean is it really that obvious as to which story is the worst?

I have only one answer, the Twilight saga

I read all, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn and I thought it was an absolute waste of time.

Throughout theses four books there were huge portions in them that were just there to waste time and add unnecessary content. Most disappointing of all was definitely Breaking Dawn, because the whole book was leading up towards the huge epic battle in the end that just kept you reading on and on because i just seemed like it was gonna rock, they even recruited vampires all over the world that were ready to help them and die horribly in battle


it didn’t happen, everyone went home


I wasted so much of my time, and you might be wondering then why did i even bother to read all the books, well i started on the first one, i didnt like it, but i thought it had some potential for the next book, plus someone was making a movie out of it so the rest of the story must be good.


plus, Bella in the books is so indecisive and is waaaaay too needy, she wanted to kill herself when Edward wasn’t there.

Super bad role model for young females who are looking for inspirations in characters like these.  Plus, its very degrading.

I mean look at Hermione, she’s smart, intelligent, independent, witty, a perfect role model.

I think Bella’s character is very damaging, because there is surely gonna be someone thats gonna look up to her and be like, I wanna be like Bella.

Oh hell no, Stay away from Twilight, its horrible.

Read Harry Potter, any four chapters in Harry Potter could easily beat all the contents of the four books of the twilight saga

Harry Potter FTW

Blog #23 – gratitude

At this point of my life I’m just grateful for everything that I have right now.

I’m grateful that I’m able to study in college, to have food, basically everything. I feel that everything that I experienced in my life was a blessing and I’m just happy that everything happened.

I grew up in a family that was basically grateful for everything that we have in our life, and so I guess the part of me that is always grateful is from there. I’m just grateful about everyday I have.



embarrassing deer

Growing up I was always quite a vain pot, i liked look at anything that had my reflection so I could do m hair and stuff, mirrors, windows, spoons, sunglasses, anything that had my reflection I would always look at it.

Well this one time i was in front of a restaurant and I was waiting for my table, so I turned around and saw this car with nicely tinted windows, perfect for me do my hair and smile at my reflection. I i was happily running my fingers through my hair when suddenly I noticed an old lady looking back at me from inside the car, then i proceed to squint my eyes a little more and noticed the car full with people and everyone was looking at me.

My heart immediately went cold! I tried my best not to freak out and walk away as calmly as possible, I just wanted to be out of sight of that car as fast as I can, I was sooooooooo embarrassed through out my meal I prayed that the occupants of that car would not come in and dine at the same restaurant I was in.

And this didn’t just happen once, it happened a couple of times, i’m such a genius


BLOG #21 – One thing thats really bugging me, SO MUCH

rage face

well lets be frank here, theres probably a thousand things bugging me, things i cant stand, you know stuff like racism, stupidity, one’s lack of the ability to place themselves in someone else’s shoes, not getting the right flavor of ice cream, light beer, and many more.

But one thing thats really bugging me now is that i haven’t found the way to master to right consistency of steamed milk for latte art. I used to be able to do it, overseas but i think i havent found the right brand of whole milk here.

But i will not give up! NEVAAAAAAAAAAAA

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.55.50 PM

BLOG # 19 — Social Problems I can’t Stand

There’s a lot of problems in our society that we can deal with, some of them are not exactly problems, but they’re just things that can be done better.

One of the social problem that I find serious and that it needs to be addressed is littering.

Littering seems easy, just drop whatever garbage you have on the ground, and there goes all your problems, you don’t have to hold on to it, you don’t have to look for a trash bin, you don’t have to think about it.

its easy, just let it go

But the problems it causes just irks me so bad, It causes the environment to look dirty, in causes rodents and all sorts of icky insects to strive in, it makes the place look bad, and if you’re littering in your neighborhood, it makes the potential price of housing in your neighborhood go down.

There’s basically nothing good about littering, each year, many sea turtles die because the mistake plastic bags in the ocean as jellyfish and feast on them, until they choke and die.

I believe people should understand the power of oneself to change the world. I believe in it.

I believe that people should be reminded that if they want a better life with better living conditions, they should start with themselves, and people will follow suit.

so next time when you have some garbage in your hand, for example the small plastic wrapper, or the small piece of tissue you just sneezed in, don’t just let it go.

Look for a bin and put it inside, be a responsible citizen and be the change.