Blog #2 – Me & My Writing Struggles

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Reading and writing played a major role in my childhood and it helped shape me into who I am today. Although I wouldn’t consider myself as a excellent writer right now, I believe theres still tons of space for improvement  for my writing and describing skills.

I guess my annoying problem in writing in English is that when I was still in school back in my country in Malaysia, I learnt to write, speak and converse in three different languages, which is Mandarin, English, and Malay.

So with these three languages playing a big role in my daily life, I was used to be thinking in these three different languages in my head. So the main problem I face right now is that some stuff that I usually think in or describe in other languages than English sounds weird sometimes after I translate it over English.

Anyway although that might be a small issue for me, it’s still an issue and I’m not prepared to let it set me back in ANY way. I believe as long as I get myself comfortable and just try to read more and write more, I won’t have that annoying problem anymore.

My other problem in writing is that sometimes I find myself hitting a writers block. Sometimes it just feels like creativity is just not showing in my words and that makes my wording sound boring.

I feel that with a lot of reading different materials and practicing my writing more, i could overcome these issues with more ease.

I believe that even the most accomplished writer has their own issues in writing, some of them just comes to terms with it and makes it their writing style. but I don’t think I’m that good of a writer yet to be thinking that way so I’m just going to be sticking with self-improvement and just try to expose myself to as many different materials as possible. I believe thats a way that I could improve and be the better writer that I want to be.


Blog #1 – Me :)


Picture of a dog having fun taken during travels
A dog having fun



In the blink of an eye, I’ve been in Fresno State University for more than a year and a half, things have been crazily amazing ever since I stepped foot into Fresno State, into America.

Hi there my name is Marc Jit Singh, I’m an international student from Malaysia, a country that used to be famous for its beautiful rain forests and beaches but is now famous for airplane related mishaps. Well anyway if you wanted to know where this beautiful tropic country of mine is located, it’s a small country in South East Asia thats sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore.

A little bit more about myself, I’m currently Majoring in Mass Communication and Public Relations and I intend to minor in marketing too. I’m still currently interning in at wonderful company/organization named Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau, and they are really just lovely to work with. Therefore if you’re looking for a pleasant place to do your internship, do give them a try!

Anyway this is my fifth semester at Fresno State and I love it here, mainly because I am a nature junkie and I love trees and to go on hikes, and there is three nature parks within close proximity of Fresno. Well all hobbies aside, my goal for this semester at Fresno State is to Focus more on studies and campus related events. I’m already part of the Malaysian student organization that kinda specializes on doing Lion Dance performances, and I’m planning to join the PRSSA at fresno state this semester too.

I really hope I could find balance between my personal life and studies this semester at Fresno State. I just took a long holiday in Malaysia where I worked and learnt how to be a barista at a cafe that specialized in specialty coffee, the whole coffee-making an interest that a picked up during the duration of my holiday and I was hoping I could get a part-time job on campus at Starbucks to polish this skill that i newly learnt. Anyway after this long holiday I feel refreshed, and I’m all ready and all set to take on another semester at Fresno State!

I’m really starting to like this whole blogging thing, can’t wait to start another post!

Stay tuned 🙂