Blog #18 — my pet

My pet is cute and fluffy

He loves to bark and is kind of scruffy

He is a fluffball full of happiness

Until he gets itchy and is full of scratchiness

He misses me when I go away

And when I get home he wants to play

He is a puppy who loves to eat

Especially when I give him a treat

When he walks he hops and trots

He knows how to make me feel better right on the spot

And I know in my gut that he’s the right dog for me

I love my dog Peanut, my little Papillon Pea


Blog #16 – Four Cool Role Models

I guess in some ways this list would be more like about the people I grew up idolizing, and so as a boy, most people here are guys. So don’t call me a sexist or anything! 😛


a scene from Ocean's Eleven
a scene from Ocean’s Eleven

George Clooney

Growing up most boys wanted to like sport superstars and stuff, but I wanted to be like Clooney. I remember first seeing him in Batman, where his iconic suit with nipples is known for ruining the role.

Anyway I remember watching Ocean’s Eleven with my dad, and I was just so amazed by the way these men, especially Clooney held himself and spoke.  He had this mysterious charm that was just mesmerizing, after that I just tried to be like him, a gentleman who knew how to hold himself, with style.

My mom just adored him.


Steven Hawking

Growing up as a kid, I was just so engrossed in topics about black holes, and universe stuff, so my dad would try to use the most child friendly way in describing it to me. I always thought black holes would be a much bigger problem to worry about when I grew up, I was afraid of disappearing all of a sudden when I was a kid

I wanna be like Hawking because he is a pioneer in his field, recognized as one of the best. I mean how many people could be physically disabled till a point where he talks through a machine, but still kicks everyones butts in his field of profession?


David Beckham

I remember having my eyes glued to the tv when I was a kid as I was watching Beckham deliver his famous “Banana Kick”, which is kicking the ball in a way so it curves, making hard to predict its position by the opposition, kinda like baseball.

Every kid in my school yard wanted to be Beckham while we played soccer. With his legendary no.7 jersey and his suave looks, he not only caught the attention of boys, but also the attention young girls who had no interest in sports.

Much like Hawking, I like Beckham because of how he dominated in his field of profession. And in addition to that, he was not just talented, but he was also very modest and also a humanitarian. In his later years he donated all of his pay to charity while he played for a soccer club in Paris. We’re talking hundreds of thousands here, month after month, all to charity.


Aung San Suu Kyi

Despite all the challenges she faced, she still persisted in her belief and worked hard to get to where she is today. Growing up in Asia, she was always a big figure there, being one of the most influential and powerful females in politics in the world and one of the most famous fighters of democracy.

Winning tons of prizes including the Nobel Peace Prize, she is still going strong, and planned to run for presidency in 2015 in Myanmar.

I wanna be like her because of her spirit in not giving up in what she believed. Put under house arrest by the military government for almost 15 years and after countless death threats she still hasn’t given up in what she believed in. Now that’s commitment.

Blog #15 – Acrostic me


– Martians are from space

– Aliens are from space

– Rocket Racoon is from space

– Cats are from space


– South America, I would love to visit

– Istanbul, is a city I would love to explore

– Nikon, is my favorite camera

– Gummy Bears I just CAN’T RESIST

– Haha, hehehe, hohoho, hahahahahahahahahaha

Blog #14 — Baseball??


Growing up I was a soccer fanatic, or as the people in my county call it football, I was just insane over it! The World Cup every 4 years just makes me go mad, resulting in me being not really interested in any other sports.

I don’t love baseball, I don’t hate it, but at the same time, I care about it :/

its weird, i think its mainly because I’m in California, I love San Francisco, and the SF Giants are just huge here, so in a way it just feels like I have to care about it.

I have yet to go to my first baseball game, and it’s something on my bucket list. Its something I always saw on movies, and I really want to experience it.

I guess I’m a Giants fan, and I look forward to my first game hopefully in the near future!

BLOG #13 — The Job

all the jobs

Just Imagine, you could be the best, the most talented PR person anyone has seen in a while, you might have to potential to do so, or the equal opportunity, but none of this is gonna happen if you do not get a PR job!

Here’s the list of a couple just to start out 🙂 (If you wish to work somewhere else, for instance the UK)


And these two websites have a compilation of other PR job websites


Finding a job is usually the scariest thing a fresh college graduate can think of after graduating. But everything comes down to what your resume says of you! So get off that couch and start doing something beneficial for your career!

best job ever

Blog #12 — The dream job

I guess everyones dream would be to not work, and still have sufficient money to spend their rest of their life in a lavish manner. But if I had to work and enjoy myself, there is a couple of things I would love to do.

I would love to spend my days working as a communications manager at a hotel, but not just any hotel. It would have to be some hotel in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by pristine blue waters and fine sand. And all i would be wearing is some shorts and a floral shirt that is uber comfortable. The ocean view is gonna be perfect. I’m getting all relaxed just by thinking of it!

Next dream job I would love to have is be a traveling reporter for a TV show! My parents are both tour guides and they travel to a lot of places, so I guess that is where I got the idea from. I would love to travel to different countries, experience different cultures, meet different people, try new things, and do all of this while getting paid. Wouldn’t that be awesome, but firstly you would need that charisma I guess.

My dad’s favorite line that he loves to tell me is “work your favorite job, and you wouldn’t have to work a day for the rest of your life  — Confucius”

I guess he’s right

Blog #11 – Be a Fab PR Pro


There’s just so many things a PR representative has to look out for. A PR representative has to deal with sudden situations, problems, disasters, and still has to look fabulous. Here’s a couple of recommendations on just how to do so.

1. Polish your human skills! It is important to be patient when dealing with problems or the media. It is also required to be ethical and appealing to people, a bad attitude is not going to get you far in this line of work. Learn to control your aggressiveness and know when to be aggressive and when to be not.

2. Hone your writing skills. I cannot stress how important this is. If you think you’re bad at it, take some writing classes. Often at times it is required to write press releases, and if the wording or grammar is wrong, it would not seem professional and harm your reputation. So learn how to put together a press release nicely, it will help a lot.

3. Be thirsty for new knowledge! Life is all about learning and there is always a million more things to learn or facts to know about. Being more informed could help expand your vocabulary range and make you seem more knowledgeable during conversations and impress people. Knowing more can also be vital when pitching ideas towards journalists. With your increased knowledge of current events you can craft out a press release for the media with elements that will capture their attention.

By the way I got all this information from these fabulous sources!