Blog #25 – All I want for Christmas is…

I don’t even know how to start my list, mainly because it will never end, there is just so many things i want and  would love to have.

for the gift that wouldn’t cost a thing, I guess an A for my class? haha well I would also love a nice warm hug, that would just make my day 🙂

For the gift below $10, I guess I would love a nice pint of beer, cant beat that 😉

for the gift below $500, I would love a pool table in my place, its just so cool, saw one over the thanksgiving weekend for $200 at Sears and couldn’t get my mind off it

for the unlimited range one, I would love a car, yeah a car, a real car not a toy one. I would love a hybrid though, would save me gas and I could drive to the Sierras whenever i want to.

But i’m not a greedy man, I guess I would just love to see my family again, i saw then last in June, and i don’t know when i’ll see them in person again.


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