Blog #24 – Worst Story Ever Written

Whats the worst story ever written, I mean is it really that obvious as to which story is the worst?

I have only one answer, the Twilight saga

I read all, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn and I thought it was an absolute waste of time.

Throughout theses four books there were huge portions in them that were just there to waste time and add unnecessary content. Most disappointing of all was definitely Breaking Dawn, because the whole book was leading up towards the huge epic battle in the end that just kept you reading on and on because i just seemed like it was gonna rock, they even recruited vampires all over the world that were ready to help them and die horribly in battle


it didn’t happen, everyone went home


I wasted so much of my time, and you might be wondering then why did i even bother to read all the books, well i started on the first one, i didnt like it, but i thought it had some potential for the next book, plus someone was making a movie out of it so the rest of the story must be good.


plus, Bella in the books is so indecisive and is waaaaay too needy, she wanted to kill herself when Edward wasn’t there.

Super bad role model for young females who are looking for inspirations in characters like these.  Plus, its very degrading.

I mean look at Hermione, she’s smart, intelligent, independent, witty, a perfect role model.

I think Bella’s character is very damaging, because there is surely gonna be someone thats gonna look up to her and be like, I wanna be like Bella.

Oh hell no, Stay away from Twilight, its horrible.

Read Harry Potter, any four chapters in Harry Potter could easily beat all the contents of the four books of the twilight saga

Harry Potter FTW


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