embarrassing deer

Growing up I was always quite a vain pot, i liked look at anything that had my reflection so I could do m hair and stuff, mirrors, windows, spoons, sunglasses, anything that had my reflection I would always look at it.

Well this one time i was in front of a restaurant and I was waiting for my table, so I turned around and saw this car with nicely tinted windows, perfect for me do my hair and smile at my reflection. I i was happily running my fingers through my hair when suddenly I noticed an old lady looking back at me from inside the car, then i proceed to squint my eyes a little more and noticed the car full with people and everyone was looking at me.

My heart immediately went cold! I tried my best not to freak out and walk away as calmly as possible, I just wanted to be out of sight of that car as fast as I can, I was sooooooooo embarrassed through out my meal I prayed that the occupants of that car would not come in and dine at the same restaurant I was in.

And this didn’t just happen once, it happened a couple of times, i’m such a genius



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