BLOG # 19 — Social Problems I can’t Stand

There’s a lot of problems in our society that we can deal with, some of them are not exactly problems, but they’re just things that can be done better.

One of the social problem that I find serious and that it needs to be addressed is littering.

Littering seems easy, just drop whatever garbage you have on the ground, and there goes all your problems, you don’t have to hold on to it, you don’t have to look for a trash bin, you don’t have to think about it.

its easy, just let it go

But the problems it causes just irks me so bad, It causes the environment to look dirty, in causes rodents and all sorts of icky insects to strive in, it makes the place look bad, and if you’re littering in your neighborhood, it makes the potential price of housing in your neighborhood go down.

There’s basically nothing good about littering, each year, many sea turtles die because the mistake plastic bags in the ocean as jellyfish and feast on them, until they choke and die.

I believe people should understand the power of oneself to change the world. I believe in it.

I believe that people should be reminded that if they want a better life with better living conditions, they should start with themselves, and people will follow suit.

so next time when you have some garbage in your hand, for example the small plastic wrapper, or the small piece of tissue you just sneezed in, don’t just let it go.

Look for a bin and put it inside, be a responsible citizen and be the change.


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