Blog #12 — The dream job

I guess everyones dream would be to not work, and still have sufficient money to spend their rest of their life in a lavish manner. But if I had to work and enjoy myself, there is a couple of things I would love to do.

I would love to spend my days working as a communications manager at a hotel, but not just any hotel. It would have to be some hotel in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by pristine blue waters and fine sand. And all i would be wearing is some shorts and a floral shirt that is uber comfortable. The ocean view is gonna be perfect. I’m getting all relaxed just by thinking of it!

Next dream job I would love to have is be a traveling reporter for a TV show! My parents are both tour guides and they travel to a lot of places, so I guess that is where I got the idea from. I would love to travel to different countries, experience different cultures, meet different people, try new things, and do all of this while getting paid. Wouldn’t that be awesome, but firstly you would need that charisma I guess.

My dad’s favorite line that he loves to tell me is “work your favorite job, and you wouldn’t have to work a day for the rest of your life  — Confucius”

I guess he’s right


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