Blog #11 – Be a Fab PR Pro


There’s just so many things a PR representative has to look out for. A PR representative has to deal with sudden situations, problems, disasters, and still has to look fabulous. Here’s a couple of recommendations on just how to do so.

1. Polish your human skills! It is important to be patient when dealing with problems or the media. It is also required to be ethical and appealing to people, a bad attitude is not going to get you far in this line of work. Learn to control your aggressiveness and know when to be aggressive and when to be not.

2. Hone your writing skills. I cannot stress how important this is. If you think you’re bad at it, take some writing classes. Often at times it is required to write press releases, and if the wording or grammar is wrong, it would not seem professional and harm your reputation. So learn how to put together a press release nicely, it will help a lot.

3. Be thirsty for new knowledge! Life is all about learning and there is always a million more things to learn or facts to know about. Being more informed could help expand your vocabulary range and make you seem more knowledgeable during conversations and impress people. Knowing more can also be vital when pitching ideas towards journalists. With your increased knowledge of current events you can craft out a press release for the media with elements that will capture their attention.

By the way I got all this information from these fabulous sources!


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