Blog #9 – Extra Time

If I had an extra day I definitely hope it wouldn’t be an extra Monday! XD

But firstly lets start with if I had an extra two hours in my day. I probably would use that time to catch up on some extra sleep! I’m a late sleeper, so extra sleep would be pretty crucial to me.

If I had an extra four hours, I would probably head over the supermarket, get myself a bag of coffee beans, and a big carton of milk, and head home and just have fun with my espresso machine! During my summer break I went to Malaysia, and I worked as a barista at a shop that sold specialty coffee, and I fell in love with doing coffee art. So after I came back here, I got myself a half decent espresso machine for my birthday, and I’ve been trying to do some coffee art. I’m still trying to get the hang of this machine, especially the extraction time of the coffee grinds and the steaming of the milk.

My attempt at Latte art, not really good, but still improving!
My attempt at Latte art, not really good, but still improving!


Now if I had a whole day of extra time, firstly I would hope that it was on a weekend so I could get the most out of it! But anyway if I had an extra day I would use it to travel to places I’ve never been. Maybe Highway 1 by the coast, travel brochures all around the world showcase that about California. or maybe Carmel, the small town by the ocean, or the Big Sur, or Kings Canyon or trek the Yosemite on a day trip. It would be AMAZING! Or I could just spend the day walking around with my camera, taking pictures and enjoying capturing the moment.

Extra time under favorable circumstances is what everybody wants I believe. Theres been so many moments in my life where I wish time would have stopped, or would have gone slower. But alas theres only so many moments we can rejoice, so I say enjoy every moment you have, life is pretty darn unpredictable.


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