Blog #8 – 50 things that make me go insanely happy.


I’m an easy guy to please, seriously, you could give me anything, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and I would be happy. Anyway here’s countdown of 50 things I could think of 🙂

50.  Eating a packet of my favorite instant ramen from Malaysia

49. Knowing I have extra money at the end of the month

48. Finding that perfect position when sleeping

47. Smelling some really good coffee

46. Traveling to new places

45. Tasting new flavors of ice cream

44. Watching a really good movie

43. Eating a really good steak (Ruth Chris)

42. Going somewhere no one usually goes

41. Sipping on some good quality espresso

40. Drinking some really good cappuccino

39. Traveling to go see my girlfriend

38. Being able to sleep in

37. Smelling good even after an intense gym session

36. If my girlfriend surprised my at my home right now

35. If my girlfriend surprised me at my home right now with a bag of good coffee beans

34. Owning a pair of really good running shoes

33. Visiting any National Park

32. Getting a really good sunset shot of someone

31. Going to a Coldplay concert

30. Traveling to Belgium for Tomorrowland

29. Traveling to Europe

28. Attending a huge rave

27. Being able to DJ for a event

26. Getting a new coffee machine, the one’s shops have

25. Winning the lottery

24. Skydiving by myself

23. Jumping off a cliff into the sea

22. My girlfriends smile

21. Knowing I made my girlfriend happy

20. Cooking a really good meal

19. Seeing my kitchen sparkly clean

18. Going surfing

17. Having a good bicycle ride

16. Riding my bicycle downhill at an isolated road

15.Eating some really good Japanese Konyaku Jelly

14. Traveling to Japan again

13. Traveling the world with my loved ones

12. Traveling alone

11. Experiencing coming to America alone once again.

10. Reading a really really good meme on 9gag

9. Being able to do some really good latte art

8. A glass of stout straight from the tap

7. Playing with a dog

6. Seeing my mother smile

5. Going on a really good roller coaster ride

4. When my hair finally decides to go the way I want it to go

3. Knowing I helped someone in need

2. My Girlfriend

1. Seeing my family happy


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