Blog #7 – Social Media


I remember why I joined Facebook. At first I resented the idea, I was a young hipster and didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing. But one day in 2009 at about 6:50 a.m. I heard from a friend while I was  on the way to school, that my secret crush was on Facebook. That evening later I immediately joined Facebook.

Nowadays I mainly use social media platforms such as Facebook as a portal to communicate with my family and friends far away. I use it to see what’s going on in their lives, and also to catch up on the news. I guess I never really understood the convenience and the usefulness of social media until I was thousands of miles away from home.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I love it because I get to communicate and keep in touch with friends all around the world. I hate it because there is people on my friends list that is just plain ignorant, stupid or racist.

Maybe you’d ask why won’t I just unfriend these people or unfollow them? Well the answer is simple, these people with their ‘unique’ posts provide entertainment on my Social Media pages and in a way it makes me feel better about myself. You know when you’re down and sad, you look at them and comfort yourself “well at least I’m not like ’em” and then you feel happier about yourself.

I guess if I had to run a social media page, my biggest worry would be what contents should I post. I often find some posts of org’s to be lame and not interesting, and I’m afraid my posts will be like that too. I guess we can’t satisfy everyone, but If theres something I would like to work on, it’s how to make my social media posts more interesting.

Social media if used well, it could be a huge advantage to your cause. So use it wisely and carefully, because if you mess up, consequences could be painful to bear.


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