Blog #3 – Le me being The Most Interesting Person In The World

photo1 (2)

Am I the most interesting person in the world? Am I even close??

Probably not, but hey understanding the problem is the first step to solving it! So I guess I am on the right track to be the most interesting person in the world.

Anyway there are a couple ways one can make their boring self or achievements seem interesting. One can overly boast about their achievements and make it seem awesome, or one can just lie and make up stories about themselves jumping out of exploding boats or buildings while saving 3 puppies, 2 kittens and an old lady at the same time.

Well I guess I could do try to do some stuff I stated above as an attempt to make myself seem interesting enough to be a candidate for the most interesting person in the world. I guess I can  over exaggerate my achievements.

There was once I jumped out of a plane at 13,000 ft with nothing on my back- except for my skydiving instructor and a parachute. I once travelled to five countries within a timeframe of less than 2 days- because the airline company messed up my flight schedule and I had to travel to more countries just to get home. I also Dj’d for a crowd of tens and thousands- microorganisms, in addition to the people of course.

Well anyway I believe everyone is amazingly unique, special, and interesting in their own way. Maybe some of us could use our experiences or the things that we’ve done to define us in a way, but that does not mean the rest of us are not destined for something even greater. If I really had to point interesting things about myself, it would be I love trees more than the average person would, I speak fluently in three languages, and could understand a couple more but can’t really converse well in them. At one point I owned 14 dogs in my house. I have relatives all over the world in almost every continent. I’ve had the privilege to visit lots of countries while growing up. And I got to fulfill my dream of studying abroad in America.

I believe theres much more to come in my life, more interesting things to do and more stories to tell. So do I think I am a worthy of being the most interesting person in the world? Maybe not now.

But definitely in the future 🙂


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