Blog #2 – Me & My Writing Struggles

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Reading and writing played a major role in my childhood and it helped shape me into who I am today. Although I wouldn’t consider myself as a excellent writer right now, I believe theres still tons of space for improvement  for my writing and describing skills.

I guess my annoying problem in writing in English is that when I was still in school back in my country in Malaysia, I learnt to write, speak and converse in three different languages, which is Mandarin, English, and Malay.

So with these three languages playing a big role in my daily life, I was used to be thinking in these three different languages in my head. So the main problem I face right now is that some stuff that I usually think in or describe in other languages than English sounds weird sometimes after I translate it over English.

Anyway although that might be a small issue for me, it’s still an issue and I’m not prepared to let it set me back in ANY way. I believe as long as I get myself comfortable and just try to read more and write more, I won’t have that annoying problem anymore.

My other problem in writing is that sometimes I find myself hitting a writers block. Sometimes it just feels like creativity is just not showing in my words and that makes my wording sound boring.

I feel that with a lot of reading different materials and practicing my writing more, i could overcome these issues with more ease.

I believe that even the most accomplished writer has their own issues in writing, some of them just comes to terms with it and makes it their writing style. but I don’t think I’m that good of a writer yet to be thinking that way so I’m just going to be sticking with self-improvement and just try to expose myself to as many different materials as possible. I believe thats a way that I could improve and be the better writer that I want to be.


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